Movement Rehabilitation

Some kind of exercise is essential in order to fully recover from your pain. Indeed, Exercise is recommended by the latest (2016) NICE guidelines for best practice, to be used alongside osteopathy for spinal pain.

Your osteopath will advise you on this, which may be as simple as just being a bit more active.

With things like walking a bit more, getting out of a chair unaided or doing a few basic exercises your mobility and muscle strength is restored, allowing you to get on with your life again.

But sometimes this is not enough.

Our unique movement rehabilitation programme can help.

Your body is constantly adapting to what you are doing now and what has happened in the past, sometimes it gets into bad habits that affect your ability to move correctly. These, if persistent, become learnt and therefore become ‘normalised’. These unhealthy adaptations have the ability to place abnormal strains, on a day-to-day basis, on your joints and muscles which become painful and never fully recover as expected as long as this ‘compensation’ exists.

If your problem persists with treatment, doesn’t ever get totally better, or flairs up from time to time, a movement control problem could be the cause.

Common signs of an underlying movement problem are:

  • Chronic pain problems that have to be constantly managed by treatment
  • Injuries that return every time you become more active
  • Niggling aches and pains that never properly go away
  • Problems with sitting, standing and walking for as long as you want
  • Stiff and painful movements, especially first thing in the morning or getting out of a chair
  • Feeling ‘old before your time’ or degenerative joint problems
  • Recurrent and persistent sporting injuries
  • Below par sporting performance

A personalised programme

Your programme is completely personalised to your needs and abilities. It involves relearning how to move your whole body properly again. It does not focus on just one part, is not obsessed with building muscle strength and is not ‘one size fits all’ like many other exercise programmes.

Whether you want to stabilise your condition and get back to a more active life without further pain, want to move more freely or just ensure that you are exercising at the right level, gaining maximum efficiency from your body without the risk of injury then our movement rehabilitation is for you.

Meet the Movement Rehabilitation Team

Richard Glover

Associate Osteopath and Lead Functional Rehabilitation Clinician

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Sam Adams

Exercise Rehab Trainer

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