About Us

Our ethos is simply based on honesty and integrity. Giving you the knowledge, the very best treatment, care and support that you need to overcome your problem properly.

The Sussex Back Pain Clinic was founded by osteopath Steve Morris in 1990. He started small, in a rented room on a portable table with one very simple aim:

To help people overcome the misery of back pain

Concerned with the high recurrence rate of back injuries he believed that if his patients were well informed about their condition, took an active role in recovery and received the best care possible, they would get better, stay better and be happy to tell others.

We believe that’s why now, more than 30 years later, we have grown to be one of the largest clinics in the county with over 90% of our new patients either recommended by family or a friend or referred directly from their GP.

During this time we have built a reputation county-wide as a specialist centre for the non-surgical treatment of back pain and all spinal-related conditions, ranging from neck related headaches to sciatica.


Specialist Back Pain Clinic

We have expanded our range of approaches to not only offer “hands-on” osteopathy but also movement rehabilitation, massage and IDD Therapy – the latest technology to help you avoid surgery. We can help you with the whole range of back conditions from spinal stiffness, aches and pains right up to chronic disabling back pain, a disc prolapse and sciatica.

We have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to get you right again.

To ensure we can always offer the very best treatment available we stay at the forefront of technology and were one of the first clinics in the UK to invest in IDD Therapy – advanced technology for the non-surgical treatment of disc injuries – allowing many of our patients to avoid injections and surgery for slipped discs in the neck and back, trapped nerves and sciatica. And we have developed our unique movement rehabilitation programmes, relearning how to move your whole body again, eradicating years of bad habits which have allowed the pain to set in.

Our whole team of clinicians work closely together to give you a bespoke service that gives you the best chance of achieving the outcomes that you want.

Our beliefs

And we’ve still kept those same original ideals and beliefs that healthcare is the ultimate service industry with you, the patient, being at the heart of this.

That’s why you’ll always receive a friendly and understanding welcome from our reception staff, who are always there to help answer your questions and ensure that you can book appointments that best fit with your schedule.

And why we make sure you can easily get to talk to your osteopath if you have any queries or concerns at all outside of your appointment. Good communication is one of the most important aspects of your treatment with us and we always make time to make sure that you fully understand all aspects of your condition and your treatment. We don’t mind how many questions you ask!

We offer comfortable surroundings too with complimentary hot drinks and a selection of the most recent magazines in reception and our efficient administration team ensure the smooth running of the clinic offering you a consistently excellent level of care and service.  We constantly monitor patient feedback to make sure that this happens.

Our Promises to you…

We are not interested in quick fix, ‘magic bullet’ treatments, as these rarely work for very long and are never a permanent solution, often with the symptoms returning when you become more active.

Instead, we are dedicated to:

  • helping you understand what is happening so you can take control of your condition
  • ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date, evidence-based treatment and advice
  • helping you get better – and stay better – so you can enjoy your life for many years to come


Meet The Team

Steve Morris Osteopath

Steve Morris

Osteopath & Clinical Director, IDD Therapy Clinical Lead

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Marc Chavaudra

Senior Osteopath

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Liz Pegg Osteopath at Sussex Back Pain Clinic in Brighton and Hove

Liz Pegg


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Kieran Morris

Functional Rehab Trainer

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Amy Allington

IDD Care Assistant

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Melanie Evans

Practice Manager and IDD Coordinator

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Jennie Thomas

Head Receptionist

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