Bradley Hildebrand

Bradley completed his 4 year BSc Osteopathy course at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine. Whilst studying, he gained additional qualifications in sports massage therapy which has furthered his understanding in aftercare treatment for sports specific injuries.

Bradley has always had a passion for sport, enjoying both football and running. It was from his love of football that got him into Osteopathy, as he was prone to hip, knee, and ankle injuries. Following these he saw an Osteopath to help aid in his recovery, whilst learning how to prevent the re-occurrence of his injuries. The treatment he received fuelled his desire to help improve the well-being of others, and since graduating Bradley has gained extensive clinical experience treating and working with a variety of clinical cases: from marathon runners and professional dancers, posture correction for occupational work complaints, children and elderly, and to those suffering from chronic back pain.

Bradley’s skills in manual therapy treatment and exercise rehabilitation allow him to give a patient-centred approach. He also offers medical acupuncture as part of his treatments, which compliments osteopathy by providing pain relief in the management of musculoskeletal conditions.

Further to this Bradley has increased his understanding of popular health topics in society through obtaining qualifications in: health care and nutrition, management of diabetes, and mental health awareness.