Grant Sheppard

Grant Sheppard Massage Therapist

Grant is a qualified ITEC level 4 Sport Massage Therapist. He specialises in deep tissue massage, soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques. Sports Massage helps ease muscle pain and aches, can improve sleep quality, enhances circulation helping muscles heal faster, along with improving joint mobility and flexibility. This can also be a great preventative treatment for further injuries. Every session is tailored to the individual’s needs and can be beneficial for all types of people.

He chose to become a Practitioner due to receiving sports massage and osteopathic treatment for a number of minor injuries which maintained his active lifestyle, going to the gym, playing a number of different sports along with more adventurous activities such as ice climbing and slacklining. He is now furthering his education studying for a degree in Osteopathy.

“Being on the receiving end of treatment was a real eye opener on how to look after my body. I damaged my Sacro iliac joint and was unable to walk pain free for a number of months. After receiving both sports massage and osteopathic treatment over the space of a few weeks I was surprised how much mobility I had regained and was relatively pain free. To now be on the other side and being able to help other people is exceptionally rewarding.

The Practitioners also gave me valuable education on the compensatory patterns that may have primarily caused the injury . So now as a Sports Massage Therapist I look as the body as whole and try to investigate why the specific pain or injury happened in the first place to ensure that is doesn’t happen again or can be managed in a better way”

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