Valeria Ponzin

My passion for Osteopathy started when I was an adolescent and was competing as a runner. My team’s osteopath helped me with my injuries and pain and I thought that it must be fulfilling and powerful being able to play a huge and positive role in an athlete’s life. This motivation together with my wish to help others helped me thrive in my studies.

I started Osteopathy 5 years ago in Italy at ICOM University (International College of Osteopathic Medicine) and at the same time I completed a Master in Osteopathic Medicine at Nescot University reaching a double degree. Thanks to this bilingual path I have kept an open minded view, learned different techniques and approaches and received a complete training that is always oriented towards the patient’s well-being.

I am specialised in structural osteopathy targeting musculoskeletal problems and I have a full training in cranial and visceral techniques addressing headaches and intestinal issues. I have successfully completed the kinesio tape course in order to enhance the benefits of osteopathic treatment.

My experiences in the sports field include being the osteopath of the regional soccer team during the nationals in 2019 and treating runner participants during the European Master Games.

I am a very positive, empathetic and enterprising person. I put all my energy and positivity into the things I do and I always aim for excellent results. My main goal as an Osteopath is to help people to achieve their best result, focusing not only on their pain
but on fully understanding their story in order to reach their goals. Being part of their path is very rewarding.

It is a privilege to work in this excellent and high standard clinic and I look forward to bringing sunshine and hope to every patient’s life.

“Happiness is the highest form of health.” – Dalai Lama.