My back was so bad I couldn’t even take my daughter to school

20th July 2016 - Steve Morris

Sometimes back pain has a major impact on your life, not only in terms of pain and disability but from the effect on those close to you. It can mean that you can’t do all those things that we take for granted and family life can be very different to how you’d want it to be.

The future for Natalie was bleak, having suffered from two bulging discs in her back for over three years, her life was completely ruled by her excruciating back pain and sciatica.  She had tried numerous sessions of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and back school sessions but nothing helped. She resorted to steroid injections to manage the pain; the first one eased the pain somewhat but only lasted 3 months, and the next one had no affect at all. The last resort was surgery to fuse her spine.

But having had two previous operations for disc problems in her early teens and early twenties her surgeon was reluctant to agree to a third in her late thirties, given her history, so she faced a future living with constant chronic back pain.

‘I could not stand or sit for even short periods of time. This made working almost impossible and everyday tasks such as shopping, taking my daughter to school and housework very difficult. I found life a real hard task as I was always in pain and constantly tired out. The constant pain and lack of sleep got me down and made me feel depressed.’

Fortunately, Natalie and her husband researched alternatives and found the Sussex Back Pain Clinic on the internet and, after a thorough assessment, she decided to proceed with a six week course of IDD Therapy and rehabilitative exercise.

‘I found the IDD Therapy pleasant and almost relaxing. The staff put me at ease the first time I walked into the treatment room. I felt some relief after the very first IDD session. My pain level reduced dramatically after the first week.’

After completing her treatment this is what she had to say.

‘My life now is 100% better than before I had IDD Therapy. I have little or no pain most of the time and I am now able to manage without taking medication. I sleep much better which in turn makes a huge difference to everyday life. I can function at work, I can play with my five year old daughter, do household tasks, go for long walks with my family. I no longer retreat to my bed just to lay down to try and relieve my pain. I would definitely encourage anyone to give IDD Therapy a go. It has worked wonders for me. I thought I would be stuck with chronic back pain for the rest of my life. I wished I found out about IDD Therapy years ago.’

Established in Hove for over 25 years, the Sussex Back Pain Clinic specialises in the treatment of damaged spinal discs using non-invasive procedures. If you have a problem that has not responded to previous treatment and are concerned that you have to just learn to live with it, get in touch to see if we could help you too. Call us on 01273 201866 to discuss your condition, request an IDD Therapy Patient Information Pack or book in for an IDD Therapy Assessment appointment.

For more information and to watch our IDD Therapy patient video, go to www.sussexbackpainclinic.

Get started on the road to recovery.

Author: Steve Morris

As with all medical procedures results vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.

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