My back condition was totally draining!

20th April 2017

Back pain, especially when caused by a disc prolapse that may affect the local spinal nerves, can be debilitating as well as extremely painful and also have a detrimental effect on all aspects of peoples’ lives, leaving them feeling totally drained.

Many of these conditions do not respond to standard treatments but a new approach using IDD Therapy to deliver mechanical spinal decompression can very often help those where other treatment has failed.

Rachael Hobbs a 45-year-old nurse, is a good example of how this treatment from the USA can help. She had a long history of low back pain, and suffered intermittent flair ups for many years but for the last year had suffered from constant back and right leg pain. When she came to see us at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic she had a numb right leg, weakness on trying to walk on right leg, severe spasms and severe pain in lower back and buttock. At times she was unable to walk and for several weeks had been unable to sit. She also had problems with her neck and was unable to lift her head up when lying down.

‘I was unable to participate in any usual activities, no housework, shopping, needed family to help me shower and couldn’t clean my teeth as usual. Going to the toilet was excruciating for a while. I was unable to work and unable to socialise, it was utterly miserable.’

Rachael had previously been diagnosed with a prolapsed disc in her low back which was pressing on the sciatic nerve in her leg. She had received osteopathy and chiropractic treatment for this but, unfortunately, it didn’t get better so she was referred to a consultant.

‘I had an injection into my spine which helped for 13 weeks but then I stepped up a curb while doing a short walk when the disc ‘burst more’. I Took gabapentin (awful awful side effects – confusion, slurred speech, wind, headaches), naproxen, diazepam, co-codamol that also caused difficulties with constipation. After this the consultant recommended surgery but I found out about IDD Therapy from Sussex Life magazine and made contact.’ 

We gave Rachael a full spinal assessment and identified that she would be a good candidate for IDD Therapy to mechanically decompress her disc and reduce the pressure on her nerve. She decided that she would much rather take the non-invasive route before considering surgery and so started treatment with us.

‘IDD started with a thorough assessment and was very prompt. Therapy started a few days after my assessment. All the staff were kind, very knowledgeable, motivated and understanding and worked as a team. They were amazing! After 2 weeks of treatment my pain level had gone from 9/10 to 3/10 and quickly reduced further over the next 2 weeks. I came off the medication and within 4 weeks I was taking no medication at all. All my symptoms went away and the NHS consultant said I no longer had symptoms that required surgery. 

I have returned to work and my usual busy lifestyle and am back exercising, mainly walking – and can now even walk up the Downs which has been liberating! I am even able to work in my beloved garden. In short, IDD Therapy has given me back my life without invasive surgery and I can’t thank the team at Sussex Back Pain Clinic enough.’

Rachael is just one example of the hundreds of patients we have helped with this treatment and her story is not unusual. When asked what she would say to anyone who was thinking about this treatment, she said:

‘I finished IDD treatment in September 2016 but I continue with the rehabilitation exercises, on a daily basis, to ensure continued improvement and to give myself the best chance of making sure I keep my back ‘well’. The exercises are simple and don’t take long. Whilst it is a treatment that you have to pay for, the timely assessment and quick results are totally worth it and the pain is taken away.

The team at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic are one of the most dedicated, motivated, passionate team of people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Nothing was too much trouble and the results were fast. As the treatment is non- invasive I believe my recovery was much faster than if I had had surgery.’ 

And just in case you were wondering about the photo…

“The photo is rather odd but I am able to bend down (I was draining the veg down the outside drain as my kitchen sink wasn’t working!!). I continue to do really well, so thank you so much.”

Established in Hove for over 25 years, the Sussex Back Pain Clinic specialises in the treatment of damaged spinal discs using non-invasive procedures. If you have a problem that has not responded to previous treatment and are concerned that you have to just learn to live with it, get in touch to see if we could help you too. Call us on 01273 201866 to discuss your condition or book in for an IDD Therapy Assessment appointment.

For more information and to watch our IDD Therapy patient video, click here.

Get started on your road to recovery.

Author: Steve Morris

As with all medical procedures results vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.


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