Back pain made my life miserable

20th August 2016 - Steve Morris

Low back pain is extremely common, with up to 80% of us suffering at some time. Although the majority of episodes tend to settle within four weeks, recurrence is high in 40% of cases. For a few unfortunate people, this disorder can become chronic, representing a major cost burden for society.

The cost to the individual, however, is even greater with many often suffering pain and disability for months or even years, affecting their ability to work or do the most minor of activities, effectively robbing them of their future.

This is exactly what happened to Sam Duggan an active 39-year-old executive, who first suffered with back pain two and a half years ago whilst weight training in the gym. This quickly progressed into his leg and became unbearable within a very short period of time.  Sam did what most people would do and sought help for this.

‘I saw sports therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and my GP… Everyone suggested the same type of stretching routines.’

But none of this helped and his pain continued unabated over the next 2 years.

Eventually Sam had an MRI scan which showed that he had a bulging disc in his lower back. He subsequently had a series of steroid injections, hoping that this would be the answer to get him out of pain so that he could start living his life normally again, but unfortunately these didn’t work either.

Six months after the steroid injections Sam was in a desperate place.

‘I had difficulty walking, standing, sitting and lying down. I was not working and not doing any activity – life was miserable.’

It was then that he decided to trawl the internet to see if there was any possible treatment that could help him get out of pain and return to some sort of quality of life. That is when he found the Sussex Back Pain Clinic and our specialist spinal decompression treatment – IDD Therapy – specifically developed for the treatment of bulging discs and other painful disorders of the spine.

Sam came along for an IDD Therapy assessment and, after spending an hour listening to his story, looking at his MRI scans and examining him, we had a good understanding of his problem and recommended that a course of IDD Therapy treatment had a high possibility of helping him. Sam was eager to get started and commenced a course of IDD Therapy almost immediately.

‘About 10 days into the therapy I really started to see an improvement.’

He has now completed his six week treatment course and, two months on, he has virtually no pain and is moving much more freely. He is continuing with some exercise rehabilitation and, given a little more time, he should be able to return to his active lifestyle again.

‘I can live my life normally, although I am still not doing any gym or anything active. I am in the rehab process, which is going very well. I definitely see light at the end of the tunnel and I am looking forward to being better and stronger than I was before.’

For more information and to watch our IDD Therapy patient video, see our IDD Therapy page here.

Get started on the road to recovery.

Author: Steve Morris

As with all medical procedures results vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.

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