General Aches and Pains

You don’t have to take part in strenuous sports to get problems; not everyone that has tennis elbow is a tennis player!

Normally your body should be reasonably well balanced. Your muscles should just be working hard enough to support your weight and you should have enough flexibility to be able to properly dissipate all the everyday stresses and strains.

This is all controlled subconsciously by your nervous system by a process called motor control.

However muscles and joints may be injured by traumas such as falls, bumps or car crashes, which cause altered motor control and changes in movement, so muscles, joints or ligaments can be overloaded leading to aches and pains within these tissues.


More often nowadays the balance between skeleton and muscles can be affected by factors such as poor posture and long periods of staying in one position in poorly designed furniture. This can also lead to altered motor control and your muscles have to work harder to help support the body, which in turn leads to undue fatigue and achy and painful muscles.

Characteristically these aches and pains can move about within the body and although not altogether serious can be rather bothersome and affect your quality of life making you feel older that you really are, especially when bending or getting out of a chair. In some cases aches & pains can be an early indication that there is abnormal balance within the body which could easily become more serious and very painful if left.

Therefore it is usually worth getting these sorted and we can accurately assess the balance of the skeleton and muscles and by using gentle treatment techniques can take away painful tension within the muscles and abnormal stresses acting on the ligaments surrounding the joints. The balance between these systems can thus be corrected very quickly within a few treatments and further more complicated problems can usually be kept at bay with some lifestyle/postural advice and a few daily exercises.

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