Headaches: Understanding & Managing Them at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic

Headaches, though common, shouldn’t be considered a part of everyday life. They can progress into painful, debilitating conditions. Here at Sussex Back Pain Clinic, we frequently treat three types of headaches: Migraines, Tension Headaches, and Cervicogenic Headaches.

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Understanding Different Types of Headaches:

  1. Migraine Headaches Migraines result from a chemical release in the brain, leading to an expansion of arteries and increased skull pressure. Symptoms include visual disturbances, numbness, nausea, vomiting, and severe headache. Migraines are typically one-sided, pulsating, and may be accompanied by light, noise, or smell sensitivity, temporary numbness, or lack of coordination and concentration.

    Triggers can include certain foods, fatigue, stress, and neck issues. Through osteopathic treatment, sound advice, and exercise, our team can help manage migraines, reducing their frequency and intensity, and in some cases, eliminating them.

  2. Tension Headaches The most prevalent form of headache, tension headaches, are often characterised by a tightening sensation around the head or behind the eyes. The onset is gradual but can persist for extended periods.

    Symptoms vary from mild irritation, dizziness, fatigue, nausea to debilitating discomfort. They are usually linked with tension in the small muscles at the skull’s base, which may affect blood supply or entrap nerves. Common causes include whiplash injuries, poor posture, jaw issues (TMJ), or heightened stress.

    Our osteopathic treatments, along with advice and exercises, can alleviate tension at the skull’s base or around the jaw, improve posture, and offer stress management techniques to help eliminate tension headaches.

  3. Cervicogenic Headaches ‘Cervicogenic’ signifies ‘originating from the neck’. Growing evidence shows that neck structures can be a common headache source. The neck’s muscles and ligaments, and the brain and spinal cord’s covering, can cause headaches if irritated.

    Cervicogenic headaches share similarities with tension headaches but also include neck pain and stiffness. Common causes include neck trauma, especially whiplash injuries, poor neck posture, or degenerative conditions like spondylosis or osteoarthritis.

    Our osteopathic treatments have been effective in managing cervicogenic headaches by improving neck joint function and reducing soft tissue strain. Initial improvements are usually seen within just four treatments, with complete function restored after further treatment, supplemented with exercise, posture advice, and stress management assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recurring headaches can be due to various factors, including migraines, tension, or cervicogenic issues originating from the neck. The causes can be multifaceted, such as certain food triggers, stress, mechanical issues in the neck, poor posture, or underlying health conditions. Our specialists at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic can help identify and manage the root cause of your headaches through tailored treatments.

Osteopathic treatment can be very effective for headaches. It involves manual techniques that can improve joint mobility, relieve muscle tension, enhance blood circulation, and help balance your body’s nervous system. This holistic approach addresses not only the immediate pain but also underlying causes such as posture issues or neck mechanics, which can be integral to preventing future headaches.

During your first appointment, our experienced team will discuss your medical history, lifestyle, and specific symptoms. A physical examination may be carried out to assess your posture, joint mobility, and muscle tension. Afterward, we’ll develop a personalized treatment plan which could include osteopathic techniques, exercises, and advice to help manage and prevent your headaches.

In addition to the treatments we provide, certain lifestyle changes can help manage your headaches. These may include regular exercise, maintaining good posture, managing stress, staying hydrated, and avoiding known headache triggers, such as certain foods or lack of sleep. Our team at Sussex Back Pain Clinic will guide you through suitable lifestyle modifications as part of your holistic headache management plan.

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