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The human body is an extraordinary machine, designed to withstand immense mechanical pressures. Much like a ship, our skeletal structure is held together by our muscles, working together to support and stabilise us. Every sporting activity pushes this intricate system to its maximum capacity. But sometimes, the unforeseen happens – an injury.

At SussexBack Pain Clinic, we understand this. Our role is to act as your navigators in your healing journey, meticulously identifying areas of stress and strain that could be affecting your overall body function. We aim to correct these issues, paving the way for optimal physical performance and reducing the chance of recurring injuries, particularly in key areas like hamstrings, shoulders, elbows or knees.

Empower Your Body and Elevate Your Performance

Sometimes, it’s not just about pain. Continual undue stress on your structure can lead to increased fatigue and inefficient muscle function, diminishing your performance regardless of training intensity.

That’s where we step in. Our osteopaths work closely with our exercise rehabilitation practitioners to ensure you’re in peak condition and that your training is effective. We make sure your muscle groups are balanced, and your joints function at their best during your chosen sporting activity – be it golf, tennis, or marathon running. Our mission? To give you an undeniable edge over your competition!

Optimal Health Isn’t Just For Athletes

You don’t need to be a professional athlete to experience bodily problems. Whether it’s through everyday wear and tear, an accident, or working long hours in unsuitable furniture, your muscles and joints could be under undue strain leading to inflammation and pain.

Our experienced osteopaths can effectively assess and treat these issues, ensuring a complete tissue recovery and restoring your comfort. Whether it’s shoulder pain, tennis elbow, knee pain (patella femoral) or plantar fasciitis, we have the evidence-backed solutions you need.

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By accurately assessing the balance of your skeleton and muscles, we can relieve painful tension and alleviate abnormal stresses on the surrounding ligaments. Through gentle treatment techniques, lifestyle advice, and daily exercises, we aim to restore balance and maintain your wellbeing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, osteopathy can effectively treat recurring sports injuries. It focuses on correcting mechanical imbalances that often lead to such injuries.

Osteopathy helps to ensure all your muscle groups are in balance and your joints function at their best, optimising your body for any sporting activity.

Absolutely. Osteopathic treatments can benefit anyone dealing with muscle or joint issues caused by everyday wear and tear, poor posture, or accidents.

Osteopathy can effectively treat various conditions including shoulder pain, tennis elbow, knee pain (patella femoral), and plantar fasciitis.

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