Trapped Nerves: Understand, Treat, and Recover at Sussex Back Pain Clinic

If you’re experiencing persistent discomfort due to trapped nerves, understanding your symptoms and seeking appropriate treatment is crucial. At Sussex Back Pain Clinic, our experts specialise in diagnosing and treating trapped nerves, ensuring you get back to your daily routine without pain.

What are Trapped Nerves?

A trapped nerve, a condition resulting in acute discomfort, is often caused by direct pressure on the nerve or reduced blood flow due to squeezed blood vessels. This condition primarily manifests in the arms and legs, with sciatica being the most common variant. However, trapped nerves can also occur in hands, feet, and even around the chest.

Factors such as tight muscles in the back and neck may affect blood flow to nerves, leading to pain radiating into the nerve. These conditions can be intermittent and often worsen with activity. The most common cause, however, is a slipped disc, which causes severe sensitivity and pain.

Identifying Symptoms of Trapped Nerves

Trapped nerve symptoms may vary, depending on the location of nerve entrapment. Most cases present in the neck or lower back, and rarely, in the chest. This condition often causes an ache radiating into the limb, often escalating to sharp pain during movement, and may even lead to altered sensations such as ‘pins and needles’ in hands or feet.

The intensity of the pain varies from mild discomfort to almost unbearable agony that disrupts sleep and requires strong medication. Sciatica, where the nerve entrapment occurs down the leg, is the most common form.

Trapped Nerves Treatment at Sussex Back Pain Clinic

For trapped nerves treatment, especially those due to a slipped disc, timely professional help is imperative. Our osteopaths at Sussex Back Pain Clinic are experienced in handling such disc conditions, which can be complex and require skilled assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

If your symptoms are within the first three months, our osteopathic treatment can effectively alleviate the discomfort. Our osteopaths are skilled at diagnosing the mechanical causes behind your herniation and employ gentle, effective treatments to rectify these stresses.

For disc-related issues, a more extended treatment plan, typically between 6-8 sessions, is usually required to alleviate nerve pain. 

Clinical experience and research evidence support that osteopathic treatment, combined with rehabilitative exercise, can significantly aid in reducing sciatic pain, with about 40-60% of all cases responding very well.

However, if symptoms have persisted for over three months, you might need further evaluation and treatment. In such instances, Sussex Back Pain Clinic offers non-surgical spinal decompression with IDD Therapy, a state-of-the-art treatment for trapped nerves due to disc problems.

IDD Therapy: Non-Surgical Treatment for Trapped Nerves

IDD Therapy, a revolutionary non-surgical spinal decompression technology from the USA, allows us to alleviate disc herniation, gently stretch the tight muscle, relieve the pressure off the trapped nerves, and create an optimal environment for natural healing.

Our clinic has witnessed great results with patients who have suffered from chronic pain and those who have had less effective outcomes with traditional methods. We’ve been successful in helping patients avoid surgery, eliminating the need for long wait times for injections and potential side-effects, and facilitating their return to an active lifestyle.

To learn more about our approach to trapped nerves treatment and explore detailed case studies, visit our IDD Therapy page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Symptoms of trapped nerves typically include a severe ache radiating into the affected limb, which can become sharp with movement. You may also experience altered sensations such as ‘pins and needles’ in the hands or feet. The pain can range from mild discomfort to intense pain that disrupts sleep and requires strong medication.

At Sussex Back Pain Clinic, we offer professional and effective treatments for trapped nerves. For early-stage symptoms, our osteopathic treatment can be highly effective, providing relief and addressing the underlying causes. For more persistent symptoms, we offer non-surgical spinal decompression with IDD Therapy, a cutting-edge technology for treating trapped nerves.

IDD Therapy is a non-surgical spinal decompression technology used to treat trapped nerves caused by disc problems. It works by mechanically opening the disc space, reducing the disc herniation or ‘slipped disc’, gently stretching the tight muscle, relieving the pressure off the trapped nerves, and creating an optimal environment for the disc to heal naturally.

If your symptoms have persisted for longer than three months, it’s important to seek further professional help. You may require treatments like IDD Therapy, which we offer at Sussex Back Pain Clinic. Our experts will provide a thorough assessment and suggest the most suitable course of action for your situation.

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