Don’t let your Back Pain ruin your life!

10th August 2017

Research tells us that staying active is good, not just for your back but for health in general but, sometimes, back pain is just too bad. Many people give up and put up with constant back pain thinking that it is an inevitable part of life. They stop doing the things that they really want to because they have a bad back.

However, Matt Harper, a 48 year old estate agent from Hove wasn’t prepared to do this. Although he had suffered with some back pain since a football injury when he was 18 years old he stayed very active, playing golf, doing yoga frequently and regularly visiting a chiropractor to keep his spine mobile.

But he had noticed that, more recently, this had not been working as well and he was suffering from increased levels of lower back pain and muscle tightness through his whole back. This had become so bad over the last couple of months he had difficulty sleeping, was unable to participate in sport and suffered general pain in the back during work. This had not happened in the past and he was concerned about things getting worse.

He decided to come to the Sussex Back Pain Clinic in Hove, as he had heard of the successes they were having using IDD Therapy and wanted to see if it could help him.

Following a thorough assessment, he was sent for an MRI scan which revealed that he had dehydration and a disc bulge in his lower back which was most likely responsible for his increased levels of pain. It was decided that treating this with mechanical decompression by using IDD Therapy would be a good option for him. So, he began a 6 week course of this along with exercise rehabilitation with the aim of getting him out of pain and back to the sport that he loved.

He noticed improvements in his condition within a week and continued to get gradual relief from the acute pain that he had been experiencing. By the end of the treatment he reported that he could sleep through the night, had an improved range of movement, was more flexible and not fearful of exercise.

Following this he said:

‘The IDD will help to relieve pain but it is crucial to completely adhere to all the exercises in order to maximise recovery. I am extremely relieved to have benefitted from the IDD treatment and feel that I am on the road to reaching a full recovery’

Matt has now returned to playing golf frequently.

For more information and to watch our IDD Therapy patient video, click here.

Get started on your road to recovery.

Author: Steve Morris

As with all medical procedures results vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.


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