Golf had become a Back Pain lottery

8th February 2017 - Steve Morris

It’s estimated that around 4 million adults play golf in the UK. For many it’s something to look forward to as a great way to escape from the rigors of daily life and get some exercise – not to mention the socialising in the clubhouse afterwards! However, when something that should give pleasure becomes difficult and painful it can have a detrimental effect on someone’s life.

This is what happened to 56 year old Tony Brigden, a calibration technician and keen golfer but when he came to see us at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic he was miserable.

I’d had debilitating seizures on a regular basis, two to three times a year for 4 years.  These were alleviated by a visit or two to the osteopath until such times as no relief could be gained. I literally couldn’t function.  My partner had to dress me and I had to take time off work.  Usually after a week the issue would subside and I could get out and about again.

Tony wasn’t really given a definitive diagnosis, with only ‘wear and tear’ being given but no real solution to his problem was offered. When he came in for his assessment he was given a thorough examination and his MRI scan was reviewed which revealed two dehydrated discs and a small disc bulge in his low back, which was most likely to be causing his problem and stopping him playing golf, which he loved.

We decided the best course of action was to treat the disc and surrounding muscles using IDD Therapy.

The IDD course, though intense for the first two weeks was a doddle. It was pain free for me and, apart from the instant instability issue when alighting the apparatus, was incident free. Improvement was felt within the first week amazingly. I managed to sleep pain-free and it took the edge from my hip. I almost had a spring in my step”.

Tony did extremely well with his treatment and completed the six week course in December 2016.

“It has been good all round. I’ve got back to my golf which had become a back-tweak lottery. I spend 30 minutes doing my exercises split morning and evening; it is no longer tiresome having to put up with the dull pain. I know the issues that got me in this position but now see a light and the end of my discomfort. I can walk a good distance now without any concerns. Work used to be difficult, in tight spaces and carrying awkward and weighty instruments. I deal with that a lot easier now.”

When asked about his experience of this treatment he said:

I felt I had no choice but to go ahead with this treatment. The pain was beating me down, something had to happen. I chose this path and I’m glad I did. It has educated me as far as my spine is concerned. It is easy to disregard the signs and continue to abuse it. My exercises will be a life commitment and hopefully will keep me fully mobile and free of pain. The staff concerned with your wellbeing have been thoroughly professional and extremely helpful and nothing seemed too much. Thank you for all your help in my case.”

For more information and to watch our IDD Therapy patient video, click here.

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Author: Steve Morris


As with all medical procedures results vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.

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