Slipped Disc Treatment

If you are suffering with a painful Slipped Disc in the neck or low back, IDD Therapy may well be for you.

Safe, gentle and effective, IDD Therapy is changing the way Slipped Discs and their associated symptoms can be treated, without the need for injections or surgery.

At the Sussex Back Pain Clinic we specialise in the treatment of Slipped Discs using IDD Therapy, the latest technology from the US.

Watch our IDD Therapy patient video to see how IDD works and what our patients say.

How IDD Therapy works

IDD Therapy is a mechanical Spinal Decompression Treatment. It is precise and safe, using computer-controlled technology to distract (draw apart) and reduce the strain on specific spinal segments in either the lower back or neck at the precise location of the Slipped Disc.

This progressive and comprehensive treatment decreases your pain and achieves long term healing by:

Releasing pressure on discs and trapped nerves
Relaxing muscle spasm – the cause of most low back pain
For a simple explanation of how spinal decompression works watch this video.

Who can IDD Therapy help?

Most patients we see for IDD Therapy typically have chronic back pain, neck pain or leg pain, usually with an underlying Slipped Disc problem.  By “chronic” we mean they have been experiencing pain for more than three months.

They will often be suffering from shooting pains down the arm or leg, caused by a Slipped Disc pressing on or irritating a nerve as it exits the spine.  The most common nerve pain caused by a Slipped Disc is Sciatica (nerve pain which travels down the sciatic nerve through the buttocks and legs and sometimes into the foot causing pins and needles or numbness). Similarly, nerve entrapments in the neck caused by Slipped Discs will cause symptoms in the arm and hand.

When pain is not resolving and manual therapy is not working, IDD Therapy helps to bridge the treatment gap.  Rather than live in pain, or consider pain management, spinal injections or in extreme cases surgery, patients can undergo non-invasive, effective treatment.

Before and After MRI Scans

The MRI scans below show the spine of Julia, one of our patients. At 36 years old she was crippled with sciatic pain and underwent a course of IDD Therapy to decompress a large slipped disc at L4/5, circled in red, as seen on the left side ‘before’ scans.

The ‘after’ scans, taken 6 months later, shows the slipped disc has all but disappeared. These results followed a six week course of IDD Therapy combined with rehabilitative exercise, after which, her severe sciatic leg pain had completely resolved. She has now been able to return to an active, pain-free life and is very happy again.

As with any medical procedure results will vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed*.



An Experienced Team

When it comes to your health you want to be assured that you are in safe hands. Established in 1990, and under the care of clinic director and lead osteopath Steve Morris, the Sussex Back Pain Clinic has been leading the way in spinal care for over 25 years.

As the third clinic in the UK to provide IDD Therapy Slipped Disc treatment we are experts in this field and the most experienced IDD providers in the South of England by several years. We are part of a growing network of over 1000 clinics worldwide providing the therapy. We are dedicated to helping you if you are suffering from a slipped disc in the low back or neck.
IDD Therapy provides a technological advancement in the treatment of disc injuries.

What’s the next step?

To find out if IDD Therapy can help you call our reception on
01273 201866
and request an IDD Therapy Assessment appointment.

During your assessment a full case history is taken, you will receive a thorough examination and, if you have any MRI scans or other investigations, these will be addressed as well. We will discuss the treatment and what the outcomes are likely to be for you so that you can make an informed choice as to whether this treatment is for you. If we require any further investigation this can also be arranged for you at this stage.

Following your assessment, if you decide that you wish to proceed with this treatment you can usually commence your course of IDD Therapy within a week of your assessment.

If you would like to book an IDD Therapy Assessment appointment simply call our reception on
01273 201866

Or fill out the form at the bottom of this page
If you would prefer to speak to someone first about your condition please ask to speak to Melanie Evans, our IDD Coordinator, who can arrange this for you

Our Patients’ Stories in the Press

After a Few Sessions I Cancelled my Surgery

After a Few Sessions I Cancelled my Surgery

Leighton Batchelor, a 38 year old kitchen fitter, suffered debilitating disc and sciatic pain for nearly 6 years due to a herniated disc. Leighton had a six week course of IDD Therapy and, two years on, he remains out of pain.

The Rack That Cures Your Back

The Rack That Cures Your Back

Neil Cranston, the 44 year old MD of an events company, suffered for 4 years with a prolapsed disc causing excruciating pain in his lower back and hips.

Sciatica Left Me Almost Disabled

Sciatica Left Me Almost Disabled

Joanna Barrett, a 46 year old interior designer/property developer, suffered from a herniated disc and sciatica for 18 months. Two years on Joanna has no pain.

Recharge Your Health

Recharge Your Health

June Williams, a 66 year old retired care worker, suffered with degenerative disc disease and many years of agonising headaches, neck and back pain: “IDD was worth every penny. It seemed a small price to pay for a pain free life. I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s given me my life back”

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