IDD Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a treatment?

Each IDD treatment lasts for approximately one hour. Sessions begin with 15 minutes of heat therapy, using a TherMedic belt, to warm the tissues and get blood flow into the injured area. You then have IDD Therapy, which lasts for 25 minutes, on the IDD Therapy machine. This is followed by 15 minutes of cold therapy to reduce the possibility of any inflammation.


How many treatments will I need?

You will have a series of treatments spread out over a number of weeks.

As all conditions are different, some patients may feel a symptomatic improvement after a few sessions but, for most, the long-lasting therapeutic changes are progressive and take a number of weeks to achieve.

As a guide, a full course for neck pain is typically around 10 sessions and for back pain, around 20 sessions.


Will I be comfortable during treatment?

Yes, IDD Therapy is safe, very gentle and patients feel relaxed during treatment. In fact, many of our patients fall asleep whilst having treatment.

You will wear an ergonomic harness to support your body and remain fully-clothed throughout.


Will I feel any pain afterwards?

Some patients may experience a temporary soreness after treatment; a sign that muscles have been worked in a new way. Cold therapy at the end of treatment sessions is used to reduce discomfort and you will be given a cold pack to use at home.


Can I drive home after treatment?

Yes, although it is not recommended to drive for distances more than 2 hours after treatment. Most of our patients live or work within a 30-mile radius of the clinic.


How much does treatment cost?

IDD Therapy is received as a course with each session priced at £70.  As a guide, a full course for neck pain is typically around 10 sessions over 4 weeks and for back pain, around 20 sessions over 6 weeks.


Is it possible to spread the payments?

Yes, we offer interest-free payment for those that require it.


Will I need an MRI?

We often need to look at an MRI prior to commencing treatment. If you have an MRI disc and report, please bring it along with you to your IDD consultation. If after your consultation you require an MRI scan we can arrange this for you through a local provider within a few days at a significantly discounted rate of £330.


I have had a spinal injection – could I have IDD Therapy?

If the spinal injection has not worked it is probably because the disc has not been treated and IDD therapy would be a good option for this. We have seen many patients for whom an injection has not worked but have done very well with IDD Therapy.


I have had surgery on my back in the past – could I still be a candidate for IDD?

Patients who have had surgery can have treatment provided that the procedure was not within the previous six months (to allow complete healing) and there are no surgical implants.


Is it possible to speak to other people that have had IDD Therapy?

Yes, we can put you in touch with a patient that had a similar condition as you to tell you more about their experience.


Do I need to do any exercise or activity?

Yes, the goal of the IDD Therapy treatment programme is to improve mobility, relieve pain and create a platform for normal daily activity.

As treatment progresses you will be given gentle exercises that are customised to your specific condition by one of our expert rehab team.

Exercise and activity are an important part of long-term rehabilitation.


Is IDD Therapy traction?

No. IDD Therapy is not to be confused with traction. Where traction treatment is used to stretch the whole spine, IDD Therapy targets specific spinal segments in a more precise, safe and comfortable way.

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