Degenerative Disc Disease

A comprehensive knowledge hub aimed at helping you understand degenerative disc disease. Here, learn about its causes, prevention methods, symptom management, and advanced treatment options to help you lead an active life.
Begin with our first resources on degenerative disc disease, and stay tuned for a more comprehensive collection.

Getting to Grips with Degenerative Disc Disease
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Judy’s Journey Overcoming Spinal Degeneration with IDD Therapy at Sussex Back Pain Clinic
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From Chronic Pain to Teeing Off Again: Tony’s Success Story with IDD Therapy
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Degenerative Disc Disease Couldn’t Stop Me: David’s Journey from Sciatica and Back Pain to Mobility with IDD Therapy
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June’s Journey from Debilitating Headaches to Liberation: How IDD Therapy Conquered Her Degenerative Disc Disease
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Back on the Fairway: Julian’s Triumph Over Sciatica and Degenerative Disc Disease with IDD Therapy
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