From Chronic Pain to Teeing Off Again: Tony’s Success Story with IDD Therapy

Golf is more than just a game for approximately 4 million UK adults – it’s an escape, a source of exercise, and a social activity rolled into one. But when golf swings turn into aches, as was the case for calibration technician Tony, the game becomes a source of frustration rather than relaxation.

Tony, 56, adored the game, but debilitating seizures had plagued him for the better part of four years, putting a stop to his golfing sessions. “I’d had debilitating seizures on a regular basis, two to three times a year for 4 years,” Tony shared. The discomfort was so profound that he often had to take time off work and needed assistance even with simple tasks like getting dressed.

Despite his condition, a clear diagnosis eluded him. The general verdict was ‘wear and tear’, but no one could pinpoint an effective solution to his pain. All that changed when Tony walked into the Sussex Back Pain Clinic.

A thorough examination and a review of his MRI scans revealed two dehydrated discs and a small disc bulge in his low back. The issues with his discs were identified as the probable cause of his recurring seizures and the obstacle between him and his love for golf.

With IDD Therapy earmarked as the ideal solution, Tony embarked on a six-week course that turned out to be transformative. “The IDD course, though intense for the first two weeks, was a doddle. It was pain free for me… Improvement was felt within the first week amazingly. I managed to sleep pain-free, and it took the edge from my hip. I almost had a spring in my step.

With successful completion of his treatment in December 2016, Tony noticed considerable improvements in his day-to-day life. Not only could he return to the golf course, but he could also handle his work responsibilities more efficiently. He could walk longer distances without discomfort and his dull, persistent pain was a thing of the past.

On his journey with IDD Therapy, Tony had this to say: “I felt I had no choice but to go ahead with this treatment. The pain was beating me down, something had to happen. I chose this path and I’m glad I did… My exercises will be a life commitment and hopefully will keep me fully mobile and free of pain. The staff concerned with your wellbeing have been thoroughly professional and extremely helpful and nothing seemed too much. Thank you for all your help in my case.

Whether you are an avid golfer like Tony or simply someone looking to reclaim your active life, let us help you on your road to recovery. With over 30 years of experience and a decade specialising in IDD Therapy, we at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic are dedicated to helping you live pain-free. Give us a call on 01273 201866 to discuss your condition or book an IDD Therapy Assessment appointment. Let’s write your success story together.


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