Exploring Bulging Disc Treatment Options: Sam’s Path to Recovery

Suffering from a bulging disc—a common cause of lower back pain – is a reality for roughly 80% of individuals at one point or another. While most instances improve within a month, around 40% can unfortunately experience recurring episodes. For some, the pain transforms into a chronic condition that imposes a significant societal burden. But the individual cost can often be greater, with prolonged periods of pain, disability, and disruptions to daily routines.

Sam, an active 39-year-old executive, encountered this firsthand. His journey with bulging disc-induced back pain began two and a half years ago during a weight training session at the gym. Despite his efforts to seek help from a range of healthcare professionals who suggested various stretching routines, Sam’s pain persisted. As he described, ‘I saw sports therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and my GP… Everyone suggested the same type of stretching routines.’

Sam later underwent an MRI scan, which identified a bulging disc in his lower back. Hoping to relieve the pain, Sam had a series of steroid injections. Unfortunately, this bulging disc treatment was unsuccessful. Six months after the injections, Sam was in a state of distress. ‘I had difficulty walking, standing, sitting and lying down. I was not working and not doing any activity – life was miserable,’ he expressed.

Feeling desperate and searching for a possible bulging disc treatment, Sam discovered the Sussex Back Pain Clinic online and learned about their IDD Therapy. This specialised spinal decompression treatment aims to address bulging discs and other painful spinal disorders.

After a comprehensive IDD Therapy assessment at the clinic, it was suggested that IDD Therapy might offer a promising solution to his problem. Eager to regain his health, Sam embarked on the IDD Therapy treatment course immediately. ‘About 10 days into the therapy I really started to see an improvement,’ Sam shared.

Upon completing a six-week course of IDD Therapy and now two months into his recovery, Sam’s pain has significantly reduced, and his mobility has improved. He continues his rehabilitative exercises and hopes to reclaim his active lifestyle. Sam explained, ‘I can live my life normally, although I am still not doing any gym or anything active. I am in the rehab process, which is going very well. I definitely see light at the end of the tunnel and I am looking forward to being better and stronger than I was before.’

For over 30 years, the Sussex Back Pain Clinic, located in Hove, has been specialising in non-invasive treatments for spinal disc issues, including bulging discs. If you’re dealing with persistent back pain that has resisted prior treatments, or if you feel like you’ve been told to ‘just learn to live with it’, consider reaching out to explore potential treatment options. You can contact us for further details or to schedule an IDD Therapy Assessment.

Consider taking the first step towards relief and recovery from bulging disc pain today.

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