Judy’s Journey Overcoming Spinal Degeneration with IDD Therapy at Sussex Back Pain Clinic

As we get older most of us will have some sort of degenerative changes in our spine but fortunately, for the majority, we don’t even know it. However, for some people, it can be much more serious and many are stuck ‘in limbo’ having tried manual therapy, such as physio, osteopathy or chiropractic and even spinal injections without success.

With surgery not an option, many people have to contemplate living with long term pain and not being able to take part in the activities that they love. However, for these cases of spinal degeneration IDD Therapy can offer a better choice for an improved quality of life.

Judy Riggs, a 75-year-old retired teacher from Chichester loved walking, regularly walking ten miles at a time. However, since being diagnosed with spinal degeneration and stenosis four years ago, she had become very stooped and suffered with gripping back pain that stopped her from being able to walk for all but very short distances. She had received both physiotherapy and spinal injections but neither had helped and she feared that she had come to the end of the road.

‘Tasks around the house were very limited. I was only able to do a very small amount before resting. Driving was difficult because of pain, walking was very limited and shopping very difficult’

She had almost given up any hope of being able to walk any distance again when she found out about IDD Therapy at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic, which was helping patients with degenerative spinal conditions. She arranged to have an assessment, following which she decided that she wanted to pursue this treatment.

‘I was made to feel very welcome at the clinic and felt very well looked after. Everything was explained and questions answered. Treatment went very smoothly and it was easy to cope with after a couple of sessions getting used to the new experience’

She found that her symptoms changed quite quickly and after the first 2 weeks there was a noticeable improvement and she was able to walk for longer distances.

Judy finished her treatment on February 21st 2017 following which she said:

‘Because I am standing much straighter and I am pain free, I feel much more in control of my movements, moving more easily around the house, able to do far more than I could prior to treatment. I’m able to go out and enjoy walking much further. Shopping is much easier and I can concentrate on thinking and making decisions in a shop! Psychologically I’m feeling much more positive. Having been told by the medical profession that there was nothing more to be done for my condition it was amazing to be told that IDD could help. I am so grateful.’

Judy has recently returned from a walking holiday to the Peak District.

Get started on your road to recovery.

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