June’s Journey from Debilitating Headaches to Liberation: How IDD Therapy Conquered Her Degenerative Disc Disease

Chronic pain can cast a long, dark shadow, drastically transforming the lives of those it affects. For years, this was the harsh reality for June, a 66-year-old resident of Brighton. A former employee of the Alzheimer’s Society, June had to wage a relentless battle against crippling headaches induced by Degenerative Disc Disease.

“The headaches were so bad,” June recalls, “that even basic tasks like ironing would trigger them.” Forced into early retirement, June discovered that her discomfort did not pause in the wake of her professional life. Activities that she once enjoyed, such as gardening, swimming, and cycling, were now potent pain triggers. “I became extremely cautious about doing anything that might set off the pain.”

The medical help June sought seemed to offer little in terms of relief. Her general practitioner ruled out surgery as an option, leaving her with limited alternatives. While osteopathy and physiotherapy provided temporary respite, the tormenting headaches would always resurface, necessitating continuous treatment.

Everything changed in January 2011 when Steve Morris, June’s osteopath at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic, suggested trying IDD Therapy. Though new to the UK at that time, IDD Therapy had been successfully used in the US to alleviate chronic neck and headache pain.

June embarked on a course of ten IDD Therapy sessions at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic. The transformation she underwent was nothing short of remarkable. “After the third session, my neck seemed much looser,” June shares. “By the end of the three-week treatment period, my headaches were gone.”

“This treatment has been a game-changer,” says June, “I can’t overstate the positive impact it has had on my life.” Now, June anticipates needing only occasional top-up treatments throughout the year, free from the relentless consumption of painkillers. “I would recommend IDD Therapy to anyone. It has given me my life back!”

For those interested in reading more about June’s journey, her full story has been featured in a Yours Magazine, which can be accessed here

If you’re struggling with unrelenting headaches and have found no relief with traditional treatments, the Sussex Back Pain Clinic might hold the answer. With a proven track record of IDD Therapy, the clinic has seen firsthand the transformative power this treatment holds for patients like June. Call 01273 201866 to discuss your condition or to book an IDD Therapy Assessment appointment. Embark on your own journey to a life without pain today.

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