Kinetisense Motion Capture Screening

The Sussex Back Pain Clinic is excited to introduce Kinetisense, a cutting-edge motion capture system, into our practice. It stands out as one of the most advanced and accurate systems available.

Kinetisense uses landmarks on your body to perform an objective, video-based, augmented reality assessment. This comprehensive approach gives us a detailed view of your full range of motion. The system calculates your risk of injury or re-injury, a feature unrivalled by any other functional movement screen.

Each assessment is quick, taking just a few minutes. The resulting graphs and charts reveal dysfunctions and compensations invisible to the naked eye. This data enables us to develop a tailor-made rehabilitation plan targeting these risks, aiding in your long-term recovery.

As you progress through your programme, this technology provides tangible evidence of improvement. You can literally see your progress.We believe that this breakthrough technology revolutionises rehabilitation, allowing us to significantly reduce the risk of your problem recurring.No more guesswork, only measurable improvements to ensure your spine is in the best possible condition now and in the future!

Wouldn’t you like to know if you’re likely to have a pain-free 2024?

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