Overcoming a Disc Prolapse: Dewi Richards’ Success Story with IDD Therapy at Sussex Back Pain Clinic

Prolapsed or ‘slipped’ discs can significantly alter our quality of life. They occur when the interior of the disc bulges out due to damage to its exterior. Factors contributing to this abnormal stress on the disc often include poor posture, abnormal stiffness, past injuries, or inadequate muscle control.

Prolapsed discs most commonly affect the lower back, leading to sciatica, characterised by sharp pain radiating down the leg. However, they can also occur in the neck, causing nerve entrapments in the arm and potentially resulting in pain and numbness extending into the hand.

For individuals with active jobs, this condition can create substantial obstacles. Dewi Richards, a 53-year-old Corrective Exercise trainer, experienced this firsthand. A disc prolapse in his neck resulted in pain behind his left shoulder and distressing pins and needles sensation in his left hand, severely impeding his work. Despite three months of physiotherapy, his condition remained unchanged, raising the daunting possibility of an unwanted career change.

However, Dewi sought help from us at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic, exploring the potential of our IDD Therapy. After an extensive assessment, he embarked on a month-long treatment course designed to alleviate his disc bulge. The IDD Therapy, combined with rehabilitative exercises, significantly reduced his pain. Two months later, he was entirely pain-free.

Dewi shared his experience, stating, “I found IDD Therapy comfortable and relaxing. I would recommend IDD to anyone with disc issues in the neck before considering more invasive options such as injections or surgery. The combination of IDD and corrective exercises helped address the root cause of my problem. I found the team at The Sussex Back Pain Clinic very professional and caring. The IDD Therapy and the excellent rehabilitation exercises had a positive outcome on my disc prolapse.”

We’ve been serving the Hove community for over 30 years at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic, dealing with a wide range of neck and back conditions. Since 2010, we’ve expanded our services to include IDD Therapy, a non-invasive method for treating disc-related issues. If neck pain is making your life difficult and previous treatments haven’t brought the relief you need, we’re here to help.

Give us a call at 01273 201866.

We’re ready to discuss your situation and determine if IDD Therapy could be the turning point in your path to recovery.

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