From Debilitating Sciatica to Mountain Biking Again: Lee’s Triumph with IDD Therapy

Lee, 52, owner of a building company from Worthing, and an ardent deep-sea fishing and mountain biking enthusiast, knows all too well the pain and discomfort sciatica can cause. One morning, Lee woke up with intense low back pain and a numb sensation in his foot. His previous experiences with mild sciatica didn’t prepare him for the unbearable leg and foot pain that soon followed. Walking became a challenge, and driving was impossible due to the numbness in his foot.

He recalls, “I had such excruciating pain in the lower back, I could hardly walk, I couldn’t do anything!! I couldn’t work, couldn’t sit or stand for more than a few minutes.”

His condition became so severe that he considered undergoing spinal surgery despite the associated risks and the potential 3-month recovery time away from work. However, a friend’s recommendation led him to the Sussex Back Pain Clinic and their non-surgical treatment for sciatica, known as IDD Therapy.

At Sussex Back Pain Clinic, Clinic Director Steve Morris conducted a thorough case history and examination. An MRI scan confirmed Lee had a disc prolapse at the L5/S1 level, which was compressing the sciatic nerve. The treatment plan was clear: use IDD Therapy to decompress the disc and relieve the pressure on the nerve.

Lee decided to give it a shot,

“I was recommended to go and have a consultation with Steve before I committed myself to see a surgeon. Initially I had an MRI to confirm the condition. I was advised that IDD could help and arranged to start the course a few days later. Almost immediately I could feel improvement (after one session) after the third week the pain had decreased dramatically and although I had some associated nerve pain this begun to subside after another week.”

The journey wasn’t easy. At times, nerve pain associated with his condition flared up. But Lee remained determined, and after a few weeks, he started seeing significant improvements. Lee triumphantly shares,

“I can now do anything that I did before, back to work full time, full activities including mountain biking once again.”

Reflecting on his journey, Lee adds, “IDD really helped get rid of my sciatica. I thought that I would never get better. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this.”

Steve Morris echoes his sentiment, “Lee was extremely worried that he would permanently lose the use of his foot and leg when he first came in. But with IDD Therapy and some good rehabilitation, we were able to reduce his disc bulge and get him completely symptom-free within a 6-week period, without him having to undertake an invasive and potentially risky surgical procedure.”

Lee’s journey underscores the impact of IDD Therapy in addressing conditions like sciatica. If you find yourself dealing with similar issues, don’t let sciatica dictate your life. Reach out to the Sussex Back Pain Clinic. Let’s explore how we can help you regain control of your life just like Lee did.

Discover a pain-free life with Sussex Back Pain Clinic. Book an IDD assessment with Steve or one of his dedicated team today, and see how we can help you get better, stay better and get on with your life!

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Just like mastering a new trail on a mountain bike, overcoming sciatica takes patience, persistence, and the right guidance. Start your journey back to full mobility with Sussex Back Pain Clinic.

With IDD Therapy, you’re not just getting treatment, you’re getting your life back on track, one pedal stroke at a time.

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