Holiday Bliss, Not Back Pains: Your Fun Guide to a Comfortable Getaway

Summer is knocking on the door! It’s the season of beach balls, flip-flops, and of course, the ever-daunting task of packing.

Worry not! Here are some breezy tips to keep your back as relaxed as you on a sun lounger.

  1. Master the Art of Packing: The last-minute packing frenzy is a backache waiting to happen. Save yourself the trouble and take it slow and steady. Your back will sing praises.
  2. Elevation is Key: Consider the floor a no-go zone when it’s time to pack!Rest your suitcase on a chair or bed. This way, you’ll save your back from an intense workout.
  3. Pack Light, Travel Happy: Remember, you’re going on a holiday, not moving homes. Your luggage shouldn’t be a contender for World’s Heaviest Suitcase. Pack smart, your back (and anyone who helps you lift that suitcase) will appreciate it.
  4. Lift Smart, Not Hard: Imagine you’re in a weightlifting contest. Bend at the knees, lift with your legs, and absolutely no twisting! Keep this mantra in mind whether you’re lifting a suitcase or a beach umbrella.
  5. Beat the Airport Rush: There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of sprinting to your gate with a suitcase in tow. But trust us, your back doesn’t find it as thrilling. Arrive early and spare yourself the dash.
  6. Move it or Lose it: If your back is no stranger to pain, aim for an aisle seat on the plane. It offers the freedom to get up and move around frequently. Staying hydrated is an added reason to stand up and stretch, and no, those in-flight drinks don’t count!
  7. Claim Your Baggage Wisely: The luggage carousel isn’t a race. Wait for a clear shot at your bag and remember, no lifting trophies for the quickest grab. Always lift with care.
  8. Home Sweet Home: Don’t let post-holiday blues turn into back blues. Keep up your good lifting habits, even when you’re back to the daily grind.


By following these suggestions, your holiday can switch from being a backache nightmare to a blissful getaway. If you’re having a few back twinges, get them checked out before you jet off.

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