Turning Lives Around: Mandy’s Journey with Prolapsed Disc Treatment at Sussex Back Pain Clinic

Mandy Hadfield, a 48-year-old teacher, was grappling with the crippling effects of severe sciatica following an incident at a spin class a few months prior. The intensity of the pain coursing down her leg and the constant pins and needles sensation in her foot made it almost impossible to walk without support, let alone stand or sit for more than a few minutes at a time. Despite being on strong painkillers, Mandy had not been able to have a good night’s sleep for quite some time, leaving her drained and in a state of despair.

Mandy poignantly recalls, “I couldn’t sleep, drive or carry out any of my normal day to day activities. I went from being extremely active to not being able to leave the house without having someone with me. I was in an awful place, crying out in pain every day and not being able to wash myself!”

Upon consultation with her GP, Mandy was referred to her local hospital for an MRI scan. However, with long waiting times and medication that produced side effects without significant relief, Mandy found herself seeking alternative solutions for herniated disc treatment.

Mandy, who had previously undergone surgery for a prolapsed disc, suspected a similar issue this time around. Determined to avoid another operation, she made her way to the Sussex Back Pain Clinic on the recommendation of a friend who had greatly benefited from a course of IDD Therapy at the clinic. Mandy booked a consultation with Clinical Director Steve Morris, a specialist in IDD Therapy, a non-invasive prolapsed disc treatment.

“During the consultation it became clear that Mandy’s symptoms were likely coming from a disc problem in her low back. We quickly arranged an MRI scan for her, which confirmed that she was suffering with a large prolapsed spinal disc which was pinching her sciatic nerve. Mandy was recommended to have a 6-week course of IDD Therapy spinal decompression treatment which she was very keen to start as soon as she could” says Steve Morris.

Mandy responded very well to the prolapsed disc treatment and within a week her pain had improved, she could sleep fully and did not require a crutch to walk. After two weeks she could sit for longer periods. She continued this improvement throughout her treatment and rehabilitation and did not require any further surgery.

Since completing her IDD Therapy treatment Mandy’s life is substantially changed. “I can now drive, go for walks and sit for much longer periods of time. I am off all medication, so I feel better mentally and am able to carry out all my teaching duties with clarity!”

Mandy adds, “I would wholly recommend this treatment and am so glad I went down this route rather than another surgery. All the staff at Sussex Back Pain Clinic are brilliant, so supportive, friendly and of course professional!”

The Sussex Back Pain Clinic specialises in providing expert prolapsed disc treatment. With years of experience and a successful track record, our team is well-equipped to help those struggling with disc-related issues. If you’re seeking an effective solution for your painful disc problem, we invite you to book an IDD Therapy Assessment with Clinical Director Steve Morris or one of his IDD Therapy team.

Don’t let herniated disc pain control your life. Take back control. Beat your pain with our herniated disc treatment.

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