Triumph Over Prolapsed Disc: How Rachael Hobbs Found Freedom from Pain with IDD Therapy

The adverse effects of back pain, particularly from a prolapsed disc pressing against spinal nerves, can be profound. Sufferers often find themselves physically incapacitated and emotionally drained, trapped in a state of constant discomfort. Conventional treatments often fall short, leaving many with a sense of hopelessness. However, IDD Therapy, a novel approach that uses mechanical spinal decompression, is showing promising results where other treatments have not.

Rachael Hobbs, a 45-year-old nurse, serves as a compelling example of the life-altering potential of IDD Therapy. For many years, Rachael battled sporadic episodes of lower back pain, but her condition had significantly worsened in the previous year, evolving into an unrelenting discomfort in her back and right leg.

Upon her arrival at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic, Rachael was experiencing a host of distressing symptoms. A numbed right leg, inability to sit, severe spasms, and intense lower back and buttock pain dominated her life. Everyday tasks had become monumental challenges.

Rachael recalled, ‘I was unable to participate in any usual activities, no housework, shopping, needed family to help me shower and couldn’t clean my teeth as usual. Going to the toilet was excruciating for a while. I was unable to work and unable to socialise, it was utterly miserable.

Earlier diagnoses had revealed a prolapsed disc in Rachael’s lower back pressing against her sciatic nerve, which was likely the cause of her excruciating symptoms. Initial treatments, including osteopathy and chiropractic adjustments, unfortunately brought her no relief.

Following an injection that offered temporary respite, Rachael was advised to consider surgery. However, after discovering IDD Therapy in Sussex Life magazine, she approached the Sussex Back Pain Clinic.

After a thorough assessment, the clinic team identified Rachael as a promising candidate for IDD Therapy. The prospect of a non-invasive solution was more appealing to Rachael than surgery, leading her to embark on a new treatment journey.

She fondly remembered her treatment experience, ‘IDD started with a thorough assessment and was very prompt. Therapy started a few days after my assessment. All the staff were kind, very knowledgeable, motivated and understanding and worked as a team. They were amazing! After 2 weeks of treatment my pain level had gone from 9/10 to 3/10 and quickly reduced further over the next 2 weeks.’

In less than a month, Rachael’s pain had considerably diminished. She stopped taking pain medications, and her symptoms disappeared to such an extent that surgery was no longer necessary. Now, Rachael enjoys an active life, engaging in walking exercises, gardening, and returning to her nursing career.

Reflecting on her experience, she said, ‘IDD Therapy has given me back my life without invasive surgery and I can’t thank the team at Sussex Back Pain Clinic enough.’

And as for the photo? Rachael was draining vegetables as her kitchen sink wasn’t working, but it illustrates her newfound mobility.

In conclusion, Rachael stated, ‘As the treatment is non- invasive I believe my recovery was much faster than if I had had surgery.

In the face of debilitating pain, Rachael Hobbs chose hope and embarked on a transformative journey with IDD Therapy. Today, she lives her life free of the constraints that once held her back, all thanks to this innovative treatment. If you find yourself struggling with persistent back pain that hasn’t responded to other treatments, it might be time to explore what IDD Therapy could do for you. Don’t resign yourself to a life of discomfort – reach out to the Sussex Back Pain Clinic at 01273 201866 to discuss your condition or book an appointment for an IDD Therapy Assessment.

Like Rachael, you too can seize the opportunity to reclaim your life from chronic pain.

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