‘I Didn’t Have a Life While I was in Pain’: A Remarkable Recovery from Sciatica with IDD Therapy at Sussex Back Pain Clinic
Sciatica can be one of the most painful conditions to suffer with and, if it doesn’t settle within six weeks, is notoriously difficult to treat and can drag on for an awfully long time. However, IDD Therapy from the USA is changing the way that this condition is treated in the UK.

This was the prospect facing Clair, a 52 year-old teaching assistant who had suffered from constant and increasing sciatic pain in her left thigh for over 3 months.

“I couldn’t bend forward without pain or go from sitting to standing without a shooting pain in my leg. I was limping when I walked and I couldn’t be on my feet for long. I carried on as normal hoping the injury would heal. Nothing seemed to help – resting, exercise or acupuncture. Eventually the pain was so bad I could no longer work. I was at home feeling depressed, unable to have a life. I was doing the minimum to get by and relying on friends and family to help me”

She was eventually referred for an MRI scan which confirmed a slipped disc in her lower back. This all took a long time and, although she was grateful to be seen on the NHS, the choices that were offered were not really acceptable to her.

“I was told that I could have physiotherapy; I did not know how long this would take or if it would work. I could take strong painkillers but, with potential side effects that I didn’t like the sound of, I was reluctant to take unless desperate. My other option was a steroid injection but I thought this was invasive and would not help me to heal but just mask the pain. Although surgery was a last resort, I felt the medical profession were leaning towards the drugs option.”

She found out about IDD Therapy and liked the non-invasive nature and the good results, so she came to the Sussex Back Pain Clinic, where she was thoroughly assessed and found to be a good candidate for this treatment. She started with IDD to reduce the pressure on her nerve the next week.

“I loved the IDD Therapy. I found it very relaxing. My pain decreased whilst I was actually having it and for about half an hour afterwards. After about four weeks I began to see significant improvements, my numbness was less and would come and go. The pain was less intense and I had days I could go longer without painkillers. I had to be careful not to rush things but my back was on the mend.”

Clair finished IDD treatment about 3 months ago and has made a very good recovery.

“I didn’t have a life while I was in pain, I felt I was marking time waiting to get back to normal. If I could do the washing up it was an achievement. I was so fed up and scared for my future. Now I am back at work full time and can go out to socialise. I can go walking which I love, without the awful pain. I am so grateful to Steve and his wonderful caring team. I was in a dark painful place when I found the clinic and they were so supportive and knowledgeable. I couldn’t have asked for more. It was brilliant to have them manage my condition. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them. I would recommend the clinic to anyone with back problems. The treatment was worth every penny and actually is very good value when you consider how many appointments you have. Thank you so much for being there.”

Get started on your road to recovery.

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