From Sciatica Pain to Disney Delight: Jason’s Remarkable Recovery with IDD Therapy

Just imagine the anticipation of your dream family holiday, only to see it being threatened by relentless sciatica pain. This was the harsh reality for Jason, a 47-year-old site manager.

We all cherish our holidays as a breather from our routines, to relish delicious food, soak up the sun, and create memorable moments with our loved ones. But for Jason, his dream holiday to Disneyworld USA was quickly morphing into a nightmare. A disc problem had been bothering him for nearly three years, but just after booking the holiday, his condition worsened, leading to constant lower back pain and numbness in his right leg and foot. Jason was unable to work, had difficulty sleeping, and relied on an array of daily medications.

He was on the brink of cancelling the family trip, torn between disappointing his family or grinning and bearing it through the holiday.

I seemed to go around in circles with no one telling me anything and just increasing pain relief. Nobody told me of any other treatments, just live with the pain or possibly surgery” he remembers of his time in the NHS system.

In desperation, Jason sought alternative solutions. That’s when he discovered IDD Therapy at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic at Hove. After a consultation, he embarked on a six-week course of treatment designed to tackle his disc problem without surgery.

Within the first 7 days I decided to try and come off all the medications I had spent 3 years taking. After their effects had worn off I was happily almost pain free. After the next 5 treatments I was without pain and had feeling back in my foot. It was the best course of treatment I could ever wish for, very comfortable and gave effective relief” Jason recounts of his early treatment days.

Jason successfully completed his treatment, and the results left him overjoyed. “It is like being a new person. I have an occasional twinge of pain but nothing near before, no painkillers dragging me down and being able to take my family holiday to Disney and go on the rides with the children was the best for me,” he exclaims.

He also has some heartfelt advice for others in a similar situation. “When you feel all avenues are leading nowhere think again and try this almost secret treatment the doctors don’t speak about or pretend to know nothing of. It’s worth the investment if you would like your life back. Steve and the team are wonderful people and very helpful every step of the way through the treatment” Jason advises.

Are you battling persistent back pain like Jason? The Sussex Back Pain Clinic is here to help. Give us a call at 01273 201866 to discuss your condition or book an IDD Therapy Assessment appointment. It’s time to take the first step on your road to recovery.

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