Trapped Nerve Almost Made my Life Unbearable… Thanks to IDD Therapy, I’m Fully Back to Normal” – Steve’s Recovery Journey

Active and fitness-minded, Steve Reeves, experienced firsthand how a gym-related neck injury could sideline life. “A sports injury that had been a bother for about four months gradually got worse, making it tough to move my right arm, torso, and neck. Working out was an impossibility, and even day-to-day office life became quite the challenge. Being right-handed meant everything became painful. I found slight relief only when lying down,” recounts Steve.

Frequent doses of painkillers became the norm as Steve tried to cope with the persistent pain in his arm and the accompanying pins & needles sensation. The halt in his training significantly dampened his quality of life, and even work became tough unless he had dosed up on painkillers.

Steve sought medical help and was diagnosed with a ‘trapped nerve.’ His physician assured him that the issue would resolve over time. However, when the pain persisted, he was referred to physiotherapy, with a warning that it could take about 12 weeks to see improvement. Eager to get back to his exercise routine, Steve decided to take matters into his own hands and began researching trapped nerve treatments. His Pilates instructor introduced him to Sussex Back Pain Clinic in Hove and their work with IDD Therapy.

For Steve, who comes from a Civil Engineering background, the mechanics behind IDD Therapy resonated with him. Hopeful, he quickly arranged a comprehensive assessment with clinical director and trapped nerve expert, Steve Morris. The diagnosis was a disc issue at the C5/6 level in his neck, which was pressing on a nerve. The logical solution was IDD Therapy, a non-invasive treatment that uses gentle pulling forces to separate spinal segments where discs are damaged or bulging, freeing the trapped nerves.

After the IDD treatment, Steve recounts, “It was an interesting sensation. I felt quite lightheaded and relaxed after each session. But the team were fabulous. They eased my anxieties and patiently walked me through the entire process. After the first few sessions, I started noticing slight improvements, and each session afterward brought further progress.”

Fast forward to September/October ’18, post-treatment, Steve expresses his elation, “I’m fully back to normal. The only time I feel anything is a slight sensation of stretching when I fully extend my neck – but that’s not a regular occurrence! Daily activities no longer cause any pain, and I’m back to full strength. I now understand the importance of taking care of my back and neck with regular and appropriate exercises.”

Steve’s progress is a testament to IDD Therapy and his commitment to recovery, “Steve understood that the IDD Therapy we offer at the clinic creates a better environment for healing. But the re-education and rehabilitation are very crucial in maintaining improvement. He has done brilliantly with this, and it’s great to see him improving so much that he is now training for the Brighton Marathon, raising money for the Martlets hospice,” said Steve Morris, the clinic’s director.

Now that he’s back on track, Steve is preparing for the Brighton Half Marathon. After his successful run, he reported, “A very comfortable run. No significant aches or pains, quite an enjoyable run actually. Ended with a 1:55:53 – just 31 seconds slower than my PB! All set for the full marathon in 7 weeks’ time!”

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Steve Reeves’ remarkable recovery through IDD Therapy is an inspiration to others. Freed from the agony of a trapped nerve, he is now preparing for the Brighton Marathon, a testament to his journey from pain to strength. Sussex Back Pain Clinic and IDD Therapy not only provided effective treatment but also empowered Steve to prioritize his back and neck health through regular exercise.

Steve’s story is a reminder that with expert guidance and determination, one can overcome obstacles and reclaim a life of vitality.


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