What Happens in an IDD Therapy Session? A Day in the Life of an IDD Therapy Patient

Have you ever wondered what goes on during an IDD Therapy session?

We invite you to follow along with one of our patients, Tom, in our video “A Day in the Life of an IDD Therapy Patient”.

Watch the video here:

An IDD Therapy session starts with the application of an infra-red heat pad to your problem area for about 10-15 minutes. This process relieves pain, improves blood flow, and helps relax your muscles.

Next, our IDD assistant will securely connect you to the IDD table using two harnesses. This state-of-the-art table tilts, allowing you to step onto it comfortably before it gently transitions into a horizontal position.

The IDD assistant then customises your treatment using a computerised console. It calculates a precise stretching force that targets the specific spinal segment causing your discomfort. The forces gradually intensify over subsequent treatments as your body adapts to the new mechanics.

Throughout the treatment, as Tom shares in the video, patients typically feel relief and relaxation rather than pain. Following the session, you’ll apply a cold pack for around 15 minutes to alleviate any temporary soreness and assist the healing process.

Get a first-hand glimpse into an IDD Therapy session by watching Tom’s journey in our video. He gives an honest insight into the treatment and shares how it feels from a patient’s perspective.

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