Working from home? Here’s our guide to setting up your workstation and sitting properly to avoid back problems

As more and more people continue to work from home, even after the lockdown period, it’s crucial to address the persistent challenges that come with it. Long hours spent sitting on less-than-ideal chairs and working at suboptimal workstations can quickly lead to back or neck pain. However, the good news is that we have some valuable tips for you, which were recorded during the lockdown but remain highly relevant for your current work-from-home situation. By implementing these tips, you can reduce the risk of your back going into a state of discomfort.

Let’s get started!

Tip 1

Maintain proper sitting posture: Check out the video below where Kieran demonstrates how to sit on a chair correctly.


Tip 2

Seek feedback from others: It’s easy to develop bad habits, especially when it comes to maintaining a slumped posture. To counter this, enlist the help of a family member or housemate who can inform you if you start slipping into unfavourable sitting habits.

Tip 3

Optimise your workstation setup: Ensure that your working position is as ergonomically sound as possible. Watch the short video below to learn how to set up your home workstation effectively during this ongoing work-from-home period.


Tip 4

Take regular breaks: Stand up and move around frequently. Set a timer on your phone for intervals of 20-40 minutes, reminding you to briefly stand up and stretch. This practice helps prevent prolonged sitting, particularly if your chair is less than ideal.

By implementing these tips, you can mitigate the risk of developing back or neck pain while working from home. Remember that even though the videos were created during lockdown, their advice remains valuable for the current situation.

Prioritise your well-being to maintain a comfortable and healthy work environment.


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