Are You Tired of Recurring Injuries and Ongoing Pain?

At the Sussex Back Pain Clinic, we help you on your journey towards improved movement and a pain-free life. Movement Rehabilitation plays a crucial role in correcting muscle imbalances that can develop over time due to poor movement habits. By resolving these imbalances, we can prevent the recurrence of injury and alleviate everyday aches and pains.

Our approach empowers you to return to the activities you love with confidence and without pain.

You Never Know How Good it Feels to Move Properly, Until You Can’t

Good movement feels good, but often, you don’t even know that you’re doing anything wrong. A lifestyle of niggling pains, recurring aches, and old sports injuries flaring up leads to chronic poor movement. This leads to abnormal stress on your muscles and joints, which results in painful conditions that just keep coming back—and getting worse.

Does the following sound like you?

You suffer from recurrent and persistent sporting injuries

You feel stuck in an endless cycle of manual therapy appointments, but never seem to fully get better

You feel great after treatment but find your pain comes back when you return to your normal activities, or increase your activity

You feel your joints becoming stiffer and more sore as time goes on

You’ve noticed your sporting performance suffering, both on and off the field

You feel numbness in your arms or legs after simple movements, and feel pain after sitting, standing or walking for too long

Then movement rehabilitation could be the solution you’ve been seeking:

Our movement rehabilitation programs are designed to help restore your full function and make you stronger and more mobile than before.

It’s time to take action and reclaim your active lifestyle —schedule an appointment with us today and let us guide you towards a pain-free, more fulfilling life.

Moving Well Empowers You to Live Life on Your Terms

We help you take back control of those little things you previously took for granted. No more pain from sitting or standing too long. No more avoiding certain activities because you simply can’t do them anymore. No more feeling like you’re leaving your old life behind.

At Sussex Back Pain Clinic, our Movement Rehabilitation specialists help you re-learn how to move properly, so you can teach yourself to live a life without aches and pain. But our programme approaches things differently. Instead of focusing purely on muscle, flexibility, and strength, we start with the absolute basics. It’s all about training your nervous system and body how to move again, allowing it to work together seamlessly and help you restore good movement.

By starting with the building blocks, you can teach yourself the right habits, and create your own pain-free life.

We Help You Relearn How to Move By…

Correcting your movement deficits to establish improved motor control
Mastering corrective exercises to re-educate your nervous system

Eliminating abnormal stress on your muscles, joints, discs and nerves

Improving the efficiency of your movement and reducing the risk of future pain

…so you can enjoy proper healing that restores healthy, pain-free movement, for the long term.

How Our Process Works

We’ve made it easy to include Movement Rehabilitation as part of your individual treatment plan.
Here’s how we work with you.



Book a Movement Assessment with us. We’ll get to know you, understand your specific pain points, and determine what you want to be able to achieve with Movement Rehabilitation.



We use a careful screening system to assess your baseline movement patterns and discover the causes of your pain. This helps us identify any faults and determine in what order they need to be addressed.



We’ll identify and remove all counterproductive exercise or activity from your daily routine—it’s about getting back to basics. We work with you to develop a specific exercise routine that retrains your brain, so you can correct any faulty movement patterns from the ground up.



Once we’ve successfully helped you correct your faulty movement patterns and established a strong foundation, we will guide you to build up your strength and endurance, so you can safely return to the physical activities you enjoy.

What Our Happy Clients are Saying...

I found the rehabilitation sessions particularly helpful as I was not confident about how to take the healing process forward.
The exercises were spot on, gradually increasing in intensity, and with video explanations to take home. I especially liked the care Will took care to explain what each exercise was meant to do and what else I could do to improve mobility.
Iris Teichman
The exercises helped me to gain confidence to move again
The exercise sessions were clear and tailored to work on my symptoms with careful monitoring to ensure that none of the exercises caused discomfort. They helped me to gain confidence to move again and slowly my back started to release. I came off the painkillers and was able to walk pain free, train my dogs with help, put my own shoes on, pick items up from the floor and eventually run (though tentatively), sit and work at my desk without having to go and lay down to relieve the pain, and put my own socks on!
Lorraine Watts

Start Your Journey to Pain-Free Movement With Us

Imagine freeing yourself from the frustrating cycle of injury, treatment, and further injury.

With a Movement rehabilitation programme at the Sussex back pain Clinic, you can regain control over your body and move without discomfort allowing you to get back to the active life you desire.

Find out how we can help you by booking your movement rehabilitation appointment now!

Learn More About How to
Manage Your Recovery

Finding information on how to manage and recover from back pain can be difficult. With so many resources online, it can be hard to know who to trust and what advice to take. That’s why we’ve curated a powerful Learning Hub, designed to help you find the right, trustworthy advice faster.

Movement Rehabilitation


We have various packages available and the course of treatment will vary depending on your current level and goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Osteopathy helps you improve the structure and function of your body, using manual manipulation, stretching, and soft tissue massage to improve your joint and muscle function. Movement Rehabilitation teaches you to re-train how your body moves in the first place.

The number of Movement Rehabilitation sessions you need all depends on your level of pain, injury, and your goals. Our aim is to help you live a life free of pain, free of fear, so you can move beautifully, and do what you want to do. Our specialists will recommend the optimal number of treatment sessions to achieve this.

Depending on the extent to which your Movement Rehabilitation is required, you’ll typically start to see an improvement in your movement after just a few weeks. We then use this as a guide as to how long it will take for you to be able to manage your condition with reduced support from us.

Long term and chronic conditions may take a longer treatment course to start seeing changes.

A Movement Rehabilitation session is normally 30 minutes, but depends on the level of support and care that you need.


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