My headaches were so bad

20th October 2015

June suffered years of debilitating headaches due to Degenerative Disc Disease until she discovered IDD Therapy.  Experts at Brighton & Hove based Sussex Back Pain Clinic are helping patients back to health with an advanced treatment for badly worn, herniated or ‘slipped’ discs.

June Williams, 66 from Brighton, had suffered from excruciating headaches for years which left her exhausted. “The headaches were so bad and doing anything, even the ironing, would bring them on.” June was forced to retire early from her job with the Alzheimer’s Society but retirement wasn’t much fun either.  “I couldn’t do anything – gardening, swimming and cycling would all cause me pain”, says June. “I became really paranoid about setting it off.”

June’s GP said surgery was not an option and there was little he could do to help. She tried manual therapies such as osteopathy and physiotherapy and, although these initially settled her symptoms, she had to keep going back for treatment. Then in January 2011 her osteopath, Steve Morris suggested she try a new treatment on an IDD Therapy machine which they had recently had installed at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic. Although new to the UK, this treatment was being successfully used in the US to successfully treat chronic neck and back pain.

June had ten IDD sessions and after the third one she noticed that her neck seemed looser. At the end of the three week course her headaches had gone.

“It has been fantastic – I can’t tell you what a difference it has made to my life.”

June may need the odd top-up treatment two or three times a year but, other than that, she is free of pain killers. She says “I’d recommend IDD to anyone. It’s given me my life back!”

To read the full article which was featured in Yours magazine see our IDD Therapy page on our website –

IDD Therapy

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is a programme of non-invasive care which is aimed at long-term sufferers who have tried osteopathy or other manual treatments without success.  IDD Therapy uses computer-controlled pulling forces to gently and safely distract (draw apart) specific spinal segments where discs are damaged or herniated (bulging). This relieves pain by taking pressure off targeted discs and any trapped nerves and helps to relieve muscle spasm.

Why Choose IDD Therapy?

IDD Therapy is a non-invasive and effective treatment option, offering patients the chance, not only to relieve their pain, but to allow disc injuries to heal naturally.

The main benefits of this treatment are:

Our Success Rates

Our own clinical outcome statistics show that within a 6 week treatment period:

These outcomes are for patients who have had symptoms from between 4 months and 20 years, many of whom have had numerous different types of treatment, including spinal injections, all of which had failed. A significant number had been told that surgery was their only option and a few had undergone surgery which had failed to relieve their pain.

For more information about IDD Therapy Information Pack call our dedicated IDD line on 01273 201866.

Author: Steve Morris

As with all medical procedures results vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.

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