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At the Sussex back Pain Clinic we treat all aspects of back pain and spinal related conditions. Click on the conditions you are interested in for further information.

Back Pain
Did you know that at any given moment, 25% of us are suffering from back pain? Its intensity can range from mild discomfort to severe and debilitating episodes that might prevent us from standing upright or living our daily lives.
Do you experience a sudden jolt of pain radiating from your lower back down to your leg? If so, you could be dealing with sciatica, a condition caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve.
Slipped, Prolapsed, Herniated & Bulging Disc
Living with disc-related back pain can be incredibly challenging. At Sussex Back Pain Clinic, we specialise in diagnosing and treating these conditions, offering ways to help ease your pain.
Degenerative Disc Disease
Aging brings about changes we often accept as normal – creaking joints, loss of muscle mass, and a slight dip in energy. Yet, when these changes become so intense they wear down your spinal discs and cause chronic back pain, it’s time to take action.
Facet Syndrome
Your spine, the body’s central pillar, provides you with both stability and mobility. Essential to this intricate system are the facet joints.
Trapped Nerves
If you’re experiencing persistent discomfort due to trapped nerves, understanding your symptoms and seeking appropriate treatment is crucial. We specialise in diagnosing and treating trapped nerves, ensuring you get back to your daily routine without pain.
Headaches, though common, shouldn’t be considered a part of everyday life. They can progress into painful, debilitating conditions.
Neck Pain
Neck pain, an issue affecting a vast majority of the population, is an intricate condition that can significantly disrupt your quality of life. We offers a range of neck pain treatments specially tailored to address your specific needs and foster your well-being.
Poor Posture
Poor posture not only affects our appearance but also poses significant risks to our overall health. We understand the importance of addressing this issue to help you find relief and regain your well-being.
Sports Injuries
Our skeletal structure is held together by our muscles, working together to support and stabilise us. Every sporting activity pushes this intricate system to its maximum capacity. But sometimes, the unforeseen happens – an injury.
General Aches and Pains
You don’t need to be an athlete to experience aches and pains! These discomforts are a common part of our lives, and they can hit anyone, anytime.
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We offer a complete range of treatments to tackle all types of back pain. Whatever the problem, we have the knowledge, expertise and solutions to get you right again.

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What Our Happy Clients Say

What Our Happy Clients Say

"I have been given a second chance to be free from pain and have a normal life.
The whole team at Sussex Back Pain Clinic are fabulous, I have felt totally looked after and secure with their in-depth knowledge and experience with back injuries."
Joanna Barrett, Property Developer

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