Liz Pegg

Associate Osteopath

Liz qualified as an osteopath and naturopath in 1991, from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine. She practises both structural and cranial osteopathy, combining these with soft tissue techniques to treat a wide range of problems. She enjoys treating clients of all ages from birth to 90 plus.

She likes to look at the wider picture, taking lifestyle into account to get to the root of the problem. As a naturopath, Liz can give nutritional and supplement advice where appropriate. She is also very interested in the link between stress and continuing pain. Her gentle approach aims to ease imbalance throughout the system, and improve function.

“I first became interested in osteopathy in the 1980s, whilst travelling in Australia. It was part of everyday life there, and my experience of treatment led me to embark on a 4 year course when I returned. For me, the best part of being an osteopath is helping my clients to return to the activities that they enjoy.

In my free time I enjoy kayaking, sailing with my family and walking by the sea, or curling up by the fire with a good book.”


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