Marc Chavaudra

Senior Osteopath & IDD Clinician

Marc qualified with a Masters in Osteopathy from the London School of Osteopathy in 2011. Prior to moving to the Brighton and Hove area he had his own practice in Retford, Nottinghamshire as well as working as an associate osteopath at established practices in Lincoln and Nottingham. 
Marc has experience working as an osteopath within the NHS, from 2018 to 2021 he delivered an MSK pain management service at a GP practice delivering osteopathic care to NHS patients. For 10 years Marc also worked with his local cricket team providing osteopathic care and rehabilitation for professional and recreational cricketers.


Marc is passionate about helping patients reduce pain and improve function, and empowering patients to participate in the process. Marc uses a mixture of approaches to support a patient’s journey back to health including manual osteopathic techniques, patient advice and exercises. He has undertaken post graduate courses in Rock tape, acupuncture and therapeutic ultrasound.

Working closely with clinical director Steve Morris, Marc has developed his skills and knowledge in Selective Functional Movement Assessment and IDD Therapy. Marc is also a member of the Institute of Osteopathy.

Outside of work Marc enjoys running and walking his badly behaved basset hound.


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