Severe back pain nearly ruined my life

20th December 2016 - Steve Morris

Back pain can affect most of us at some point in our lives. Fortunately, for the majority, this will only last for a short period but for some it can become severely disabling.

This was the case for Tina Thrift who, following a bad fall in April 2014, was left in crippling pain in her hips, lower back, neck and shoulders. Eventually she was diagnosed with a bulging disc between her 4th & 5th lumbar vertebrae causing narrowing of the nerve passages down her spine and hips. Osteopaths and sports therapists could not help and even an epidural and pain killing injections didn’t work for her.

I was living with pain on a scale of 7 to 10 out of 10, which meant that life was a struggle. I lost sleep due to the pain, meaning at 2am most nights I was wide awake, unable to turn over or move. My husband and I enjoy taking long walks and I would also take my dog for a daily walk; sadly, the pain was too unbearable for me to continue doing so”.

Finally, Tina’s consultant recommended that she either retired out of the workforce or had an operation to fuse together the vertebrae. Not happy with either option she decided to do some research and came across spinal decompression with IDD Therapy at the Sussex Back Pain Clinic in Hove.

After a thorough assessment she commenced a six week treatment course.

Steve, Sue and Shaun explained the treatment and were reassuring and comforting throughout. After the second treatment, the pain had decreased to a point that I was able to have the best night’s sleep I’ve had in two years. Then after the fourth treatment I was starting to feel virtually pain free.”

Tina has completed her treatment and is now attending specialist exercise rehabilitation classes to improve her spinal strength and mobility. She is doing very well.

It’s given me the zest back for life; the incredible fatigue as a result of the pain has now completely disappeared. I am now able to walk and with Sue’s help, I am re-gaining my balance and learning how to live my life with the correct posture and movement so that my back is protected at all times and looked after.”

When asked, what affect IDD Therapy has had, this is what she said:

“This has completely transformed my life. I honestly and truthfully cannot thank Steve, Sue, Shaun and the team enough for giving me the opportunity to get my life back. The whole team provide an excellent service to those in similar situations such as myself. My family have seen a real change in me; they have mentioned I seem incredibly happy; I’m able to now partake in the same daily activities as they can. They’re all incredibly thankful for the treatment received.”

Get started on your road to recovery.

Author: Steve Morris

As with all medical procedures results vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.

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